Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OOP: Chinese New Year

In my first company, when employees were on leave or for some reason not at work, they would set up their email auto responder with a subject line of "OOP: Annual leave" or something like that. The acronym "OOP" stands for "Out Of Plant" was more of a legacy because that company had (and still has) a strong manufacturing background. There are some minor details in life that you will suddenly recall in some unexpected times. :)

I am going back home for Chinese New Year (first day will be on Monday, Jan 26). No promise on blog update, hopefully I can resume in early February.

On an unrelated note, a relationship is a bi-lateral affair. I am hoping for responses beyond blank emails...


Anonymous said...

These days... we can all suffice with unilateral pee-bee-kay. (6)

Cuppa Chai said...

How long you can sustain that? ;)