Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New Job

Cuppa have changed to a new job, but for now that company shall remain nameless in my blog.

I spoke to my new colleagues and most of them have work experiences ranging from 5 to 20 years.

The guy with 20 years of experience spent the first 16 years in a company renown for products with fruit on it. He told me generally he liked the company, but not the last few years of his stay. I guess it would be in the ballpark of 2003.

When asked, he said the counterparts in US used to be competitive, open, and friendly. However the burst of dotcom bubble, post-911 trauma, and the rush of US companies to outsource operations to Asian countries caused those counterparts to become paranoid about their own job security. They started to politick, back-stab, and withhold vital business information from the Singapore site. Finally that guy was fed up and resigned.

I believe this kind of behaviour will be even more pronounced now. However I don't blame those US people, it is just human nature and I can't deny I may have done that if put into their shoes. What I can do to avoid this type of friction is not to work in a company with multiple sites, and keep moving myself up the value-chain (food chain?)

I guess this will keep me sane in this insane era.

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