Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend With Cats

F1 is held this weekend, however I am not a F1 fan, and I just find it pretty stupid to pay for things zooming past so fast that you can't even see how they look like.

So I decide to post pictures of cats that I have collected from the net. Here you go:

"I surrender..."

"Caught sleeping with chicken... ah..."

"Very sleepy after surfing net..."

"Pet's pet"

"S&M Style Sleeping"

"Painful look"


"Do not disturb... k?"

"Perfect circle"

"hug and kiss..."

"no eye see"

"camouflage cat"

"Soldier! Wake UP!"


"New furry plant species"

"Turn on the tap..."

"Cat in a wok"

"Another quite painful sleeping position"

"Necking couples"

"BBQ cat..?"

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