Sunday, September 07, 2008

Topics of The Week

I can't help but to blog these:

  1. Microsoft's Ad: After get mocked by Apple's ads for years, Microsoft hits back with a $300 million ad campaign: the first installment dubbed "Jerry and Bill". The YouTube link is here. Honestly I don't quite understand what message the ad wants to convey and thought it could be because my English is not good, after reading the reviews on the net (this one, for example), it seems most people don't either.
  2. Google Chrome: This browser really generates a lot of talks around the world. I have no intention to do any technical analysis here, but I just thought about what kind of strategies Google has by throwing resources behind this project. The most obvious motive will be trying to ease M$'s grip on web browser, and after that, my guess is Google wants to unify the user interfaces for both PC and portable devices (e.g. hand phones) like what Apple is doing, therefore building up a Google-centric kind of business model.
    To me it all sound nice and warm as I choose to sit by the curb and see the war unfolds itself. It is always interesting to watch from afar.
That is all for today's news. [BEEP]


Lecherous Bear said...

I saw the M$ commercial on TV and was also like WTF. What I did notice is that Bill is old, fat and not a pretty sight when wiggling his bottom.

Cuppa Chai said...

Yeap, I think he should stay in M$ and improve Windows, no one appreciate his shaking his butt. On top of that, what do wiggling bottoms mean in this context?

The Soothsayer said...

No comprende.

Google wants to take over the world now. Big cooperations suck. Unless you own stocks in them or better yet, own them. Then all's well.

Cuppa Chai said...

I do observe Google is getting bloated and it is heading down the path of bureaucracy when it plans to stop providing dinners to the employees. Cost cutting by some newly-minted 'smart' MBAs, smart? yeah right.