Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Complain-Fu of Singaporean

We have Kung-Fu for the art of self-defence, Code-Fu for the art of computer programming, now, allow me to introduce [drums rolling]: Complain-Fu, art of complaining!!

There is a guy in Singapore found out his new-born daughter has the number 444 as part of her birth-cert serial number. Obviously upset, he went up and down to complain, including the local major newspaper, the Straits Times, as posted here.

I am amazed this can also be complained. Although it is understandable as a parent he wants the best for his daughter, but nitpicking on this is really pushing things too far, and too hard. Imagine how many serial numbers typical adults have had, if we had to make sure every number has no 4, 13, or the combination, we wouldn't get anything done at all.

The well-being of the baby girl is dictated by the values and principles bestowed by her surrounding, and people around her. I think she is kind of bad luck in this case, not because of the cert number, but the presence of not so smart, superstitious, and like-to-complain parents.

There are people I just can't understand.


Flowing Stream said...

Complain-on-complain-fu: haaaiiii yaaaa!

Cuppa Chai said...

recursive function? :P