Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Night, Beer Night

This evening is a lonely Friday night, and again Cuppa is typing away on his keyboard at home. With no uncertainty, a can of Tiger is found beside him, and one more can is sitting safely in the freezer, of course.

So what am I up to lately? Phew, it is an interesting question.

Personal Life:

First of all I dumped the pictures in my hand phone and post some of the more interesting ones as follow:
I went to St. James Power Station, a Disco near to VivoCity, 2 weeks ago. I was totally sober throughout the night, to the extent I could take a nice picture with steady hands, as above. That was my fourth time there and I felt a little bit bored. I just filled with emptiness and nothingness. Downing more beer obviously won't help, that is why I am here blogging. At least I have the peace of mind in my room.

The following day, my housemate invited me to a dinner organized by a temple. The picture above shows the auction of items to raise funds for the temple. Curiously, that temple worships the legendary monkey king Master Sun (孙悟空). This kind of dinner is very popular in Singapore during the seventh month of the Lunar calendar, during which traditional Chinese believe the hell gate is open and all the ghosts will walk the earth. This dinner is set to celebrate this special month and there are special food items (not in the picture) just for the "good brothers and sisters" (aka ghosts). The good point of such dinner is there is absolutely free flow of alcohol (white beer, black beer, and Hennesy VSOP). Cuppa likes it. :)

Professional Life:

My company's platform is built on top of Linux and a set of libraries written in C++. They are reasonably well-built, and even though the software system is a little bit dated (built circa 2000), the main architecture is still worth studying. I have been looking at the graphics library (QT), C++ general library (boost), communications framework (ACE), and all the technologies I have yet to discover. In fact I have moved on to work on the C++ files, though my manager isn't too approving my act, he doesn't explicitly forbid it. I just do it anyway whatever. I always remember my ex-boss told me "It is much easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission". ;)


The Soothsayer said...

I'm getting more convinced in the veracity that C++ won't give you a performance hit in embedded systems and maybe better in some sense when compared to C. Spending some time looking into it for very tiny systems now.

Cuppa Chai said...

I agree. C++ is getting more efficient and has a smaller memory foot print than it was few years ago. However the trade-off with its power is it is much easier to write obfuscated, convoluted and totally fucked-up codes in C++ than in C. Be careful, be very careful.