Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Thoughts

  • Yesterday it was an auspicious day for Chinese, because it was 09/09/09, and '9' in mandarin rhythms with the word 'lasting', and not surprisingly, many people had their wedding ceremonies or registered for marriage. To me that was just yet another day and putting any labels on the passage of time is entirely arbitrary and artificial. Having say that, I don't deny a hypocrite I am, I am thinking 2010 marks ten years of my knowing her. Does 10/10/10 sound romantic and geeky, as it can be interpreted either as decimal, binary, and hex?
  • I took bus yesterday and the TV in the bus was showing a drama series. In the drama, a guy was proposing to a woman he admired, knelt down, hands with bouquets of roses and a huge diamond ring. The woman just said in a very firm tone: "We can't develop further, because my heart still lives in the past." She loved a man long long time ago, and she refused to let go of the memory. Though usually I would just ignore this kind of drama series, what she said did ring a bell in me... I still live in a relationship that has lasted for 10 years, though there is NO relationship per se. I am living in my perfect dream world, with everything imagined by myself (and some years-old memory fragments), but i know much better than anybody what I am up to. I just can't help....
  • With a glass of Somerton 2007 merlot in hand, I am in blogging mode. The wine is so nice while drinking in quiet environment. I have turned off my handphone, and a while ago my gf sent me an IM asking "do you love me?", I ignored the question with a sense of guilt at heart. She is innocent in this case, but my attention is not on her tonight. I am thinking the other girl.. whom I have missed for ten years, ten fucking years. I just don't understand why she doesn't try to talk to me if she is still interested? I admit I was quite rude when she called me while we were still in college, but I did that entirely unintentionally, I thought she was my office-mate's wife, who always called him every night. The last phone call I got was when I was in Intel, and I still remember she put Shakira's song at the voice mail. So much for family, great.

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I am Lim. said...

An imaginary relationship is creepy ya know... can carry it, can also put down lah!