Thursday, September 03, 2009

Should I should I (Part 2)

Though these days most of my blog posts are about my personal stuff and I grumbled like an old man, I did have an (engineer's) life, listed below.

  • Opera 10 debutted a couple days ago and it seems sexy. You must heard about Opera, right? No, you mean you don't know there is a browser as good as Opera? Then click on the link and go take a look. The size is comparatively small (~10MB) and installations were painless for my Windoze and Linux machines. The most important thing for me is this is the first time I can finally see the blogspot interface being rendered correctly with no missing features.
  • Snow leopard is out. Apple has pushed the new OS X ahead of Windows 7  to steal the show. From the user point of view, there aren't many new features, but internally,  changes aplenty(e.g. moving a major portion of the kernel to 64bit). These changes not necessarily are crucial or useful to most of the users _now_, but these are obviously plan-ahead that will serve as a more liberating foundation for OS X in the future. John Siracusa from Ars Technica has done an extensive, excellent review which covers many topics, include the user interface, kernel internals, compilers, and multi-threading on the big cat. It is an interesting read if you are into technical stuff (if you think my blog is interesting, then you will like that article). The link is here.
  • After reading what Snow Leopard is capable to do, it is extremely tempting for me to get a Mac to play with. So, again, my question this time is: Should I get a Mac? :P

Going back on some softer subject, just now my gf called and told me her female friend has already talked about wedding, despite she and her boy friend only know each other for less than 2 months. As usual, my gf asked me why we were so 'slow'. Well, proposing for wedding isn't hard, the key is you need both persons to say 'I do'... Right place, right time,  wrong person....

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