Sunday, September 06, 2009

Random Things over a Week

It is nearly the end of Sunday and tomorrow is the start of another work week (technical Sunday is the start of a week, but it doesn't feel so). Some random thoughts:

  • An ex-colleague contacted me for job prospects in Singapore. It seems he has been unemployed for almost one year. He claims he is doing free-lancing now, but from the way he talked, he was desperate. I am in good terms with him, but I am not so sure what to say to my manager as this guy is a typical engineer with weird temper and attitude. Still figuring how to help him...
  • I got back from yet another movie with gf just now. It was a Singapore-made movie "Where Got Ghost", though it is advertised as a Chinese movie, but inside 80% of the conversations are in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) and the rest is mixtures of Chinese, English, and Cantonese. This movie to be frank is only suitable for people residing in Singapore and the furthest it can go will be Malaysia where the people also understand the context and culture. Other than these two places, the audiences will have a really hard time to understand what the story is about, let alone catching those Singaporean jokes. Here is  a 'derivative' product from this movie, and see if you find it funny or not (I do).
  •  I slowly will set up a technical blog for all the technical stuff to showcase for potential employers and investors. This cuppa chai site will be solely for posts related to my thoughts and daily routines.
  • Sometimes you will miss someone for no reasons. I hate myself. 

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