Sunday, April 07, 2013

Review of Hydrapak Reservoir

I recently had a misfortune of buying a Hydrapak hydration pack.

The story started when I wanted to start on cycling, and since water bottles are clumsy and unwieldy, I decided to go for hydration packs.

After some researches, I heard good words about Hydrapak. However this brand is curiously not popular at all in Singapore, in fact, among all the shops I had visited. Only one shop carried some very old models of it. Since Hydrapak brags "offers a lifetime guaranty against leakage, due to product defects, on our hydration systems, including reservoir, drink tube and bite valve.", but actually it is bluffing and doesn't stand behind what it claims.

The reservoir started to leak upon my first putting in of water, well before I even left my house.

I contacted Hydrapak via Facebook, and they asked me to fill up a form on their website. I did exactly that, then, nothing.

I sent a couple more messages to them, and from then on, they just play dead and ignored my requests.

The issues on hand are 1) Hydrapak product falls short of what it claims it is 2) Hydrapak doesn't stand behind its own warranty and commitment. Instead, it just trying to hide without resolving issues.

If Hydrapak cannot produce a product that lasts, then don't offer 'lifetime warranty'. Shame on such irresponsible and ball-less company. Not cool.

What do I try to do here? you may ask.

Actually I already threw the worthless Hydrapak away, and got myself a D&G water bladder.

The look seems familiar? Indeed it is!! I would believe it is the Source WXP. I took it out for a spin and there is absolutely no issue, plus its price is only 1/3 of Hydrapak! From now on I will warn all my friends who ever consider buying Hydrapak, or any brands that partner with it.

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