Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sorry State of Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

Due to business trip, I am sent back to Shanghai again. Since I had a pleasant stay with Le Meridien, I booked it again.

However, things aren't right:

First of all, upon arrival, I was told all the king-size beds were fully booked, and I have to settle with twin-beds. Fine, this is partly my fault because I didn't really check the details when I booked. I should have asked my travel agent about the room details.

One of the reasons I chose Le Meridien is because of the shampoo set, which is made by Cinq Mondes. I don't have much dandruff problem with this shampoo, and there isn't many shampoo in the market that works for me.

However this time, they replaced it with some unknown brand stuff, and this is where I find it unacceptable.

The Cinq Mondes set. This pic is from Le Meridien KL

Now what the customers get? Here are the close up pictures:

Note the pictures. First of all, this set is manufactured in China and it is obvious they are some cheap shit bought in bulk and fill the bottles. WTF is this? Am I staying in a cheapo hotel? Hello, it is RMB1400 per night!! Not cheap in most part of the world, barring the most expensive Hong Kong or Tokyo. The cheapskate'ness baffles me.

For some reason the pictures are upside-down, although the previews are correct at my end. Anyway, you can download and take a closer look if you like.

I did approach the staff but they insisted these are 'branded' stuff. Well, I am not gonna pay RMB1400 per night for this kind of rubbish. Checking out tonight and never going back.

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