Saturday, May 01, 2010

OpenSolaris Starts To Suck

OpenSolaris 2010.4 is supposed to come out as now already 2010.5, but this doesn't happen. Both and Oracle have been mum on this issue. Given OpenSolaris is not in active development, and FreeBSD does support ZFS, I am thinking to convert to FreeBSD once for all.

The new FreeBSD 8.0 seems very promising, and I will download it for a spin in the very near future.


Giovanni said...

Just yesterday I imported a zpool from OpenSolaris into FreeBSD 8-STABLE and it worked like a charm. I still have to run some benchmarks but shouldn't see any surprises.

Cuppa Chai said...

Hi Giovanni, thanks for the comment. This gives me more confidence to export my OpenSolaris zpools to FreeBSD. :D