Sunday, May 30, 2010

OpenSolaris Crashed!

Edited title from 'OpenSolaris Clashed' to 'OpenSolaris Crashed'. Thanks Lim for pointing out that mistake. :)

Last evening my OpenSolaris box fell inside a reboot loop, right after I chose the BE image to boot from, the machine rebooted itself, and this loop continued ad infinitum.

The first reaction I had was suspecting my system drive went dead. So I booted using a 2009.06 CD, trying to see if there is any disk rescue utility. Nope, there is none.

Trying to import the zpool that housed my data:

$pfexec zpool import -f dpool

It worked, so my data was fine. *phew*

But problem appeared when I tried to import the zpool with my root:

$pfexec zpool import -f rpool

*System rebooted*

I nearly made the conclusion the drive was dead, but to further nail it down to hardware problem, I went ahead and installed a new copy of OS.

Everything went smoothly!! The system boots up properly again and again. Hey, I had a software issue.

Now I kind of suspect why 2010.04 never came out. The kernel has a very latent bug that will silently corrupt the system to total boot failure.

I guess I will use snv_111b for now, or until I can install FreeBSD...

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