Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Time, Free Time

This is a lazy afternoon. The sky is clear after a mild drizzle sometime back. Cars are zooming non-stop at the road outside of the house. Chinese New Year is coming, and today is the last working day for most office droids.

This year my family will have an early reunion dinner, on the 29th day of the lunar calendar, which is today. This is because every year at the eve of CNY (i.e. the 30th day), there are many interesting TV programs, but because of the reunion dinner, my parents would always be too busy to watch. This year the plan is to have the meal earlier, and on the new year eve we could relax and do whatever one likes. Good plan. :)

I am on my way to fully relax myself, and have concluded it is not a good deal to get myself stuck in front of the computer screen as what I used to do (but i am still blogging!). 

Now if PC and TV are out, what should I do then? The first plan is to try to do things I seldom do:  A few days I ago, I tried again to clear the cabinet filled with my college stuff, and for some unknown reason, I flipped the diary I wrote then, and that page was about one fine day when I was on duty at HKN lounge, and mak went in to buy a bottle of juice. Here it went all the memories got stirred up..., I knew she did it on purpose that day, I knew this was long time ago, and I know my chest is still painful now, damn the silly mak, and damn the silly me who still can't let the past go... Defeated, I hope next year I will finally have courage to clear those things away.  Yesterday, I dug out a Chinese detective novel and found it was pretty interesting. Today, I saw the GEB lying around in the book shelf. Hmm, maybe I should re-read this book? 

Another thing that concerns me is where I should go from now on? Start my business, or continue to work as an employee? My mom suggested I should get a girl and settle down, well, as if I am buying a chewing gum from grocery store... 

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