Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 Minutes

It is 23:48 now, 12 more minutes to Chinese New Year. Sound of fire crackers carpets my surroundings, gives me an illusion as if fire cracker can still be legally sold here. 

As usual I am waiting for the new year, because I know I will be waken up by the fire crackers at midnight anyway. I am here, blogging. My parents are downstairs watching tv and do some last minute preparations.

I just finished reading a book about human body's natural healing power. It claims human bodies will only be healthy when the pH is more on the alkaline side. If the body is acidic, that is where all the sickness comes from. And where can we get alkaline body pH? Organic veggies, and fruits. The firecrackers are very distracting. I will end my blog here. 

Have a good rest my friends. :)

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