Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Else?

I have been busy programming the user interface for iPhone for the past few weeks. Not today. I feel tired, and the usual emptiness when I step back from myself far enough and see nothing except work, and more work. Where are the self fulfillment, what is this kind life for? To work like hell to buy the stuff promoted on TV?

Friends around me, especially most female high school friends, are happily married. You can really feel time flies when the term 'bf' no longer means 'boyfriend', but 'breastfeeding' instead.

Now the online forum is filled with how to breast feed as well as how many oz of milk powder one should use. I do think getting married and having a family is a fantastic experience and everybody should go through, but one can easily totally immerse oneself into the mundane chores of housework, until when we look up, there are so many things that we should have done but didn't.

I am sitting here and typing, hoping to brainstorm what I actually want, or put in other words, what my goals are. As many self-improvement books will tell you, you gotta to have a goal in order to know what to do. But none of those books will tell you what you should do, and trust me, many of people don't. They just follow what everybody is doing and this process partially is more or less pass down from our ancestors and partially is based on our internal biological clock.

Where am I going from here? This is a good question, and I hope to have a good answer for it soon.

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