Friday, January 08, 2010

Thought of the Day

This week is a memorable week, first of all I whipped out an iphone user interface in 3 days, starting from no knowledge on Mac OS X and iPhone at all. I feel quite proud of myself. :P

Next, in some posts back I mentioned I was interviewing with a big company, and yesterday it got back to me telling me I didn't get the job, mainly because I told them I neither want to relocate to US, nor to change job in Singapore. Actually I had a very painful struggle when thinking about relocation to US. What can I do there? Getting too close to her will most probably make me lose control again, so I figure it is much safer for me to stay in Asia. Of course, if she wants me to be there, it is a different story, but I don't see it is viable for me to explore this possibility at this juncture.

Back to iphone development, I found out Mac OS X is designed reasonably well, with most of the APIs I encountered so far are well-though of. In fact, the development platform on my iMac is very closely knitted with iPhone to the extend it is just a snap to download the application and test it on the hardware. Impressive, no wonder their share price is sky-rocketing. :)


I am Lim. said...

Considered OK that they got back to you and told you why they rejected you. Perhaps they will KIV when they have a new position opened up where you want.

Good try and keep your hopes up!

Cuppa Chai said...

Thanks Lim :)