Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week in Review

This is a quiet Saturday evening. I just came back from a friend's birthday celebration. Not wanting to lingering outside for long, I just headed back home, and got myself a can of beer along the way.

Now, cozy as I am, in front of the PC powered by my trusted OpenSolaris, I am trying to comb through thoughts that ran through my mind in the past few days. I will list the most important things first:

  • I have been missing mak alot, for no apparent reason. It seems time doesn't dilute the memory, damn. But this time I am powerless, as I have no more way to reach her, and she no longer gives me any more chances. So here I am. Like a fish on a parched land, under the hot sun.
  • Been dabbling in functional programming by following the legendary SICP (yes, the full text and all course videos are online, free). Therefore I am again picking up the Scheme programming language (a dialect of Lisp, if you wanna know). I am aware there are a lot of newer languages out there like OCaml, F#, Clojure, or Haskell, however I think programming languages are tools, and as long as we understand the paradigm, concepts, and fundamentals, tools are often secondary. The beauty of Scheme is its simplicity and relatively small size. In fact, its latest specs R6RS, has merely 90 pages.


I am Lim. said...

Life in weekly reviews eh? This is a good idea for blogging :-)

1) 聚散隨緣. Live life elegant.

2) I wonder how many programming languages would be invented and forgotten in the next 20 years!

Cuppa Chai said...

1) Elegance is not something I need in this context, she is.

2) Yeap, languages come and go, but some stay. The oldest programming language is Fortran, followed by Lisp, they are around 40 years old. :)