Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lazy Sunday Noon

I just had my weekly badminton game this morning. I have been lazing around since after lunch.

Today is a little humid, there was a brief drizzle a few hours ago. Sun has been shy for most of the day. Here it goes again, my laundry is gonna take days to dry.

Cuppa has been relatively quiet and busy these few days. My regular blog readers most probably will know why: I am busy tinkering with OpenSolaris. My latest project is to get Qt 4.6 compiled. The process is not straightforward and still work-in-progress. For now what I can share is SunStudio 12 cannot compile Qt cleanly. More specifically, the Sun compiler obviously doesn't like the C++ codes in Qt which are quite gcc-biased. After some thoughts, I decided to bite the bullet and get gcc 4.3.4 and friends in my box. After that, things aren't very pretty as well. So far I have patched a few bugs in 'configure' and few Makefiles. The compilation is still running at the background now.

Hmm, how should I end this blog post? Put one extra period? I think this makes sense.


Now I start understand why you can both hate and love someone at the same time... ;)

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