Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ten Meaningful Quotes

These quotes are from the net, and I don't know who the original author is. The translations are to my best effort, certainly there could be better ones and you are welcome to help out. :)

[First Quote]: If there are 1000 steps between us, as long as you take the first one, I am willing to walk the remaining steps towards you.


[Second Quote]: Usually the one who stays back to argue with you is the one who truly loves you.


[Third Quote]: Give out your heart, only then you will get one from others, but you could hurt thoroughly in the process; keeping a distance with others can protect yourself, but it also means you are destined to eternal solitude.


[Fourth Quote]: Sometimes it is not the other person doesn't care about you, it is you who put too much attention on that person.


[Fifth Quote]: A friend is someone who knows you thoroughly but still chooses to like you.


[Sixth Quote]: Even the word 'believe' has an 'lie' embedded within


[Seventh Quote]: Real good friends don't have to have infinite amount of topics to talk about; but instead, when they are together, they won't feel awkward for not talking.


[Eighth Quote]: There is no 100% perfect partner, only two 50% persons


[Ninth Quote]: Those who feel happy over your sorrow are not kind souls; those who are happy over your happiness are your friends; those who feel your sadness are those whom you should put inside your heart


[Tenth Quote]: Indifference, sometimes doesn't mean lack of emotions, it just serves as a tool to avoid injury.


These ten quotes have quite profound meanings and deserve some extra thoughts. But please note: There is no absolute truth, use your own discretion on these advices.

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