Friday, August 14, 2009

Should I? Should I?

I just attended an interview with IBM. Nothing much, just an ordinary interview, with ordinary questions.

That position is on test automation, to be based in Singapore and is almost exactly like the job I had back in Intel: automation system, perl, multi-sites, multi components on the system, regular meetings with the north American counterparts, and all the politics you can get from a big company and multi-site projects.

Since I have a lot of relevant experiences for this position, it won't be much problem for me to secure this job.

Truth be told, I am quite happy with my current job, though I know too well this ibm job will give me a chance to go to Austin for a month-long training... At least, I will be in the same country as mak, even just for a short while. Throughout the interview, I was struggling within myself, should I take this job to go Austin? should I....? But what could I do if I was in Austin, what could WE do even if I could see her? Getting married? All in all, we are out of touch completely for close to 10 years... But I still miss her, for some unknown reasons, maybe it was the scent of her hair, maybe it was because I like her naivete to try to help Africa, or maybe I am a hopeless silly guy...

At the end of interview I told the interviewers I would think long and hard about this position, thanked them, and left.

On my way home, my mind was filled by questions: should I? should I...?


The Think Tinker said...

:) Go to Austin! Texas!

Cuppa Chai said...

Hehe :P