Thursday, April 02, 2009

What A Software Engineering Company Should Be

A recent blog post by Joel Spolsky talks about job level and pay scale, and Spolsky said he got some of the idea on uniform salary for a particular job level from Construx.

I went to the Construx website. Construx is a company that provides software-engineering consultancy and advices. I didn't delve deep into its business, but I am quite impressed by the technical ladder this company provides to its employees.

The Construx Professional Ladder provides a very good pointer for software engineer at all type of skill levels. What I find valuable is the reading list.


The Soothsayer said...

What I find interesting is that they have so many books for each level. How many years do they expect the engineers to spend at each level? ;)

The Soothsayer said...

Ah okie. Consultancy firm. Missed that part somehow.

The Soothsayer said...

Ever thought of becoming a consultant? Think you have the required interests and then some. Just need to sharpen the people skills.

Cuppa Chai said...

Fresh grads start at level 9, and it seems level 12 is the highest level for most engineers, while level 13 and above really need a lot of hard work and dedications. If reading a book every 3 months, the reading list is reasonable. :)