Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do You Still Dare to Use Command Prompt?

Recently a student in Boston College got into trouble after sending an email to his school's mailing list identifying another student as gay. His computer equipment was seized until now. What I found interesting is, instead of citing libel or defamation, the police uses expertise in computer as probable cause for equipment seizure.

To paraphrase the report, the police paints the student as suspicious partly he is a Computer Science major, and partly because he can navigate non-windows system by using the command prompt.

Hence my dear reader, if you are in the US, you better use M$ windows to avoid raising suspicion from your local law authority. Even you have to use *Nix, remember do NOT open any terminal window. Just stick to the windows manager and you should be fine (for now).

God bless America (Yes, you need it)

Original news article here.

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The Soothsayer said...

Good thing my black screen has green fonts.