Thursday, December 11, 2008

How To Recession-Proof Your Career

Here is a good article on how to recession-proof a programming career, but almost all of the advices can be applied to any technical career with minor modification.

Here is the summary, with some of my own thoughts
  1. Volunteer to Lead a Big Project
  2. Another way is to take control important projects such that you become indispensable. Most of the time, 'important' means 'money making'

  3. Show Up Early, Leave Late

  4. Make sure you look busy.

  5. Start a MicroISV
  6. MicroISV refers to an one-person software house. Since that article is targeting programmers, the author is talking about starting one's own business that can generate recurring incomes.

  7. Moonlight

  8. Getting a part-time/contract job may not be practical most of the time. But in this economy, temp jobs will be aplenty because companies will refrain from hiring perms.

  9. Become a Popular Blogger, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, etc…

  10. Increase one's popularity. Marketing is vital nowadays.

  11. Become a Trainer

  12. Becoming a trainer has double advantages: it is a good marketing tool for your prowess and also serves as respectable income source

  13. Write Technical Articles

  14. Same as above

  15. Work for a “Recession-Proof” Company

  16. This idea may not be practical nowadays, as it is hard to tell which industry is 'recession-proof'...


Anonymous said...

You missed the 50-dollar industry...

Anonymous said...

... + VAT + GST

Cuppa Chai said...

Hmm, that kind of industry can only survive by providing better services and lower price. The latter is a desperate move though.