Friday, June 19, 2015

[Archive] Tern Verge X20 Frame Failure (Shearing into Two)

Update: There is another post on Tern failure here

The goal of this is to archive this incident as reported by Peter Thomas in the Tern forum. It seems Tern has silently deleted this post. Thumbs down to it.

Original link location:

Cached location:

Captured screen of the description by Peter

The pictures as posted by Peter (from Google cache)

Picture showing Tern Verge X20 with failed frame

Picture of Peter after medical attention


Agar The Tiger said...

Very sad to see. Also sadly, I didn't find all this out before buying an S11i last year. On Thursday this week my frame which is not in the recall range of Verge frames from 2014, failed on the same weld. My injuries were not as severe, fortunately. It sheared in two and dumped me in the middle of the road in London during rush hour. Tern have also not approved my post to their forum. I will never trust or ride their frames again.

Cuppa Chai said...


So sorry to hear the accident and glad you are OK.

If you could email me (the email address is at the right hand panel of this blog) the details (descriptions, pictures, etc.), I am happy to update this post with information that you wish to share. I believe this could potentially save some people from getting injured.



Dominic Chambers said...

Thanks for sharing this info. After reading the Tern forum page originally created by Lee Tibbetts I decided to collate the information from all of the people that have suffered frame failures and shared on that post. I tried posting this to the Tern forum page, but it says it needs to be approved first, but over a week later it still hasn't been.

So if you don't mind, I'm going to share this info here instead:

* Lee Tibbetts 2013/12/20 (UK) [AI12120655]
* Re-Tern 2014/01/27 (UK) [??13130203]
* adr 2014/02/19 (UK)
* Jonathan_J 2014/03/25 (Israel)
* jfx 2014/04/01 (UK)
* jimothwald 2014/04/04 (UK)
* Christineengland 2014/05/15 (UK) [2013 Verge with frame number matching original Verge recall list, but not one that would have actually been recalled]
* Recall of bikes with frame numbers starting 'AI' (
* tcrichton 2014/06/18 (UK)
* Tess Rider 2014/06/18 (Australia)
* petert1401 2015/06/05 (UK) [2014 Verge not in either recall list]
* steveizz 2015/06/24 (UK)

This doesn't include Agar The Tiger's frame failure which was only ever reported on this blog, but involves an S11i that is also not part of any recall list.

Cuppa Chai said...

Hi Dominic,

All feedbacks are welcome, as we are keeping the public informed of what potentially could cause harm and injury.

If you could provide me with links and webpages on the list you shared here, I am happy to update my blog for the public good. Thanks