Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Being a Boss

I am damn pissed today by a colleague. The story is like this: I have been engaged in a project that needs this guy's involvement, lets call him 'A'.

As how a typical project goes, our project suffers changing requirements. Initially we thought to give the application a specific feature, but when the customer reviewed the app, they decided to remove the feature.

Now the problem is A refused to make the changes, saying that I can do work-around at my end. Yes, I do agree I can do the work around, however this is not the way you work. As an sub-ordinate, you can propose your ideas, but the final decision lies with the supervisor. As long as the request is within the job scope, you must comply.

Today I got a heated discussion with A, and to the end, I think the only way to proceed is to replace him.

You may say I am extreme, however do note, when I made a decision, I, not my sub-ordinates, to bear the consequences. So, as a sub-ordinate, what you do is to tell me the resources needed for a particular task, and the options available, but if I choose something that may go against your will, please just do it. I need your full cooperation.

Feel free to make your call, when you are in my seat. Thank you.

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Ah Chuan said...

Check with your boss and look also for his support to get this guy removed.