Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Fishing Trip

As you can see, I went to another fishing trip, and this time I got a small fish. The bad news is the fish swallowed the hook deep down its stomach, and our operation to extract the hook failed...

When I looked at the little fish, I was thinking what the girl told me. I was wondering what she would have done if we were on the beach then. Would she stop me from fishing, or at least, would she ask me not to use mini hooks so that little fish wouldn't swallow the hooks and got harmed?

I will say the only way to save the little fish on Singapore beach from my predating hook is for the girl to accompany me on my fishing trips. In other words, she is indirectly hurting small animals because of not accompanying me to fish. This argument is logically unsound, but it is a rock-solid politician talk. Yeah, I should go for more politicking ;)

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