Sunday, October 11, 2009

Work, work, and work

A few days ago a head hunter called me. She claimed she represented her client, a US MNC which wants to establish an RnD center in Singapore. She said my profile matches her criteria and asked if I am interested.

As you may know I am not a big fan of MNC, but, the phrase 'establishing an RnD center' caught my attention, so I just said yeah, it sounds cool and she promised to furnish me more info.

For the mean while, I am just daydreaming away. Family, family, and family. Where is that girl....? These two days I have been sentimental. Here I dedicated the following song to her, though I know she won't understand most of the lyrics..., but..., when has she ever cared to understand me....?

p/s: Please note this artist is blind, that explains his occasional weird facial expression...

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