Sunday, June 28, 2009

Change of Status

Have not blogged for almost a month now, the reason is I have resumed dating and now in a relationship, although it is not very stable yet, but nevertheless it is a relationship.

I keep on thinking to write something meaningful on my blog, however I am quite exhausted recently to think anything too much too deep.

Since I have started talking about relationship, let me elaborate.

A 'relationship' connotes a status change, and usually it is associated with two people in love. In my case, there are a few non-trivial questions to be answered, among those will be "what is love?", and "is this better than being alone?"

So far what I can conclude getting someone who loves me more no doubt is selfish, but it is much easier than to love someone who sends only blank emails. My current girl can't make me laugh, but she also won't make me cry.

I am so tired.

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