Saturday, May 02, 2009

The No No-Script Saga

I was a user of the firefox add-on No-Script for sometime, until I found it updated itself too frequently (about once per week), was too intrusive for web surfing, and was not very useful (i.e. blocks everything blindly). I removed this add-on about 3 months ago.

Then I came across this news about its frequency of updating is tied to ad-revenue (after every update it will open a 'change log' fully loaded with ads), and its numerous attempts to cripple another ad-blocking add-on, Adblock Plus.

For ad-blocking purpose, my firefox has the following add-ons, which I am quite happy with:

AdBlock Plus
Better Privacy

I do sympathize the author of No-Script, he has put in tremendous amount of time and resources in the add-on and it is understandable he tries to get some money back from the user base he has had. However he used the wrong approach, which breaks the trust and very well will kill No-Script.

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