Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blogging or Facebooking?

Recently the frequency of updating my blog has gone down and instead, I spend more and more time on facebook, or "facebooking".

If your network circle is small, there won't be much activities in your facebook page, however, having a big network is not always good either. As your circle gets bigger, it becomes more and more unwieldy to handle. Look, the circle may consist of your acquaintances from primary school, secondary school, college, and all previous and existing companies you have served. I don't know about you, but there are things that I am willing to share with my college friends, but not to my current colleagues. A common denominator for all these groups will boil down to essentially nothing about myself, or just plainly about other people's stuff.

I am thinking the reason why I shift to facebook, and I realize facebook does give me more interactions with my friends, and at the same time, I can just choose not to talk but to look at what others are up to. Moreover, when I say something or do something, I can be relatively sure people will notice, though they may not respond and leave comments, which is fine with me. Blogging so far does not have this kind of 'traffic'.

Does that mean I will abandon my blog? No, I don't think so.

My long time readers may realize I have not blogged about technologies for a long time. The truth is I have been busy working on some Linux hacking and have made some progresses. When the project hits the milestone, I will post some how-to's and do more sharings. Stay tuned. :)


The Soothsayer said...

Welcome to facebooking! Although I don't really spend much time there and don't use my real name, so I don't have that many contacts there. :)

Do they have different levels for your friends? Maybe friends in certain levels get to see more personal information compared to the others.

Cuppa Chai said...

They have different levels of privacy settings, but remembering which item has which setting is a big torture to me, so I rather just let it be.