Friday, November 14, 2008

Useful Application

DropBox gives 2GB of free storage and allows a user to sync between Windows, Mac, and Linux. Looks cool, though I have yet to test it.


The Soothsayer said...

Probably useful for sharing smaller files or larger files that aren't changed frequently.

The process of uploading the stuff to the internet and then downloading onto the other PC sounds painful, though. I guess the fact that a backup is made on their server compensates for this somewhat.

How do they solve 2 users editing the same file on 2 different PCs?

Cuppa Chai said...

All files are versioned, so if Cuppa and S.Sayer edit foo.c and check it in simultaneously, 2 versions will show up and it is up to the owner to merge the differences. In fact I have heard some small development teams are using this as source code repository.